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Ranking The Outgoing SATUK Leaders.

The Technical University students cannot wait for the month of October to come to a halt. Election fever is back and cocoons are being regrouped. The wannabes can be seen greeting even walls along the corridors of TUK and wearing smiles they’ve never had since birth. I would want us to move forward but not before we review each outgoing leader.

Just like the big fish take over the water territories, this article will mainly focus on those who had higher stake in the satuk.Scaling is based on every leaders manifesto and how he or she achieved each one of them. After all, they never consulted any comrade before they came up with them. Starting from the least preferred leader to the most liked fellow;-

7: Racheal CheptooSATUK Deputy President. I took close to 30 minutes trying to remember her name. Actually whoever knows her and knows what she has done to them personally or in her capacity as a leader can feel free to share. Infact, her manifesto became more of a cloud than a reality. She never did anything and in a scale of 10,she earned 1 point.

6: Peter ManiSATUK President. Did we really have cheap foods at the canteen as you promised a year ago? A lot can tell, SATUK Awards was not free and fair. Under your leadership, we had a cultural day instead of a cultural week. In terms of being organized in response to some issues, you were the guy. Due to more lamentations than praises, 2 out of 10 suits you, Bwana Chair.

5: Yuvenalis Ogeto(Pablo) – Sports, Culture and Entertainment Secretary. Should I start with the cultural week money or the budget? Not yet, I won’t go past accountability, you never performed as I had envisaged. Yes, I endorsed you and supported you in last year elections only to get a bunch disappointments. What should I mention to salvage your image?…I’m stranded,maybe someone can help me out.You garnered 3 out of 10 for your humbleness.

4: Boniface Muema wa HarrisonSecretary General. Yes sir, you fought for the disbursement of HELB loan to comrades. Basically you did your work, updates and negotiations on behalf of students. Not even a spot of tribalism was spotted in you. We appreciate your service with 5 out of 10!

Photo Courtesy: Boniface Muena Wa Harrison, SATUK Secretary General 2021/22.

3: Mercy Kimani Gender and Social Welfare Secretary. Kudos on bringing the MSF doctors without borders to partner with TUK. Also, for organizing a successful pads drive which has made pads available in your office and ladies’ hostels for one academic year. For your politeness and humbleness, 6 out of 10 is enough.

Photo Courtesy: Mercy Kimani, SATUK Gender and Social Welfare Secretary 2021/22.

2: Frederick Barasa – SATUK Academics Secretary. Yes you did it Mr. Academics. The SATUK bursary allocation was excellent. Class representatives allowances wasn’t that bad, you tried. Kudos man! 7 out of 10. Though being a Negroes’ project(those who supported Peter Mani last year) has diminished his worth and the possibility of him winning SATUK Presidency is very low.

Photo Courtesy: Frederick Barasa, SATUK Academics Secretary 2021/22.

1: Muchoki Kirera – SATUK Finance Secretary. He is the man who moved the masses this period. He did the best both in office and outside the office. In his tenure, he has uplifted many young people, impacted many lives and nurtured a lot of talents.

Photo Courtesy: Muchoki Kirera, SATUK Finance Secretary 2021/22.

Secondly, he facilitated the activation of 5 companies in school and these companies gave students the chance to make money on a part-time basis and also build connections with influential students like Nyakwar Otare, Kijana Ya TUK and many others. Hence, contributing to the empowerment of students.

Thirdly, he became an overnight sensation thanks to his frequency of holding grand events in school that are filled with nothing short of opulence. This year, he held the First-Ever Biashara Week. I wish the sports and entertainment was also under in his docket, he would have scored 100% but still 9 out of 10 suits him. Congratulations and God willing, he is going to be the next SATUK President.

Edited by Abuya Stanley And Chemuu.

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The Long Awaited SATUK Election Provisional 2022 List Is Out!

As speculated, the sports secretary seat race were quite competitive with 4 of the once who had applied being approved. Check the list below.

Unfortunately, the Incumbent Sports Secretary, Mr. Yuvenalis Ogeto (Pablo) has been denied the chance to vie with the admin giving him a stern warning concerning his involvement in what we cannot air out in public.

Here’s the provisional list:-

Let the games begin……

Edited by Abuya Stanley And Chemuu.

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Confusion; Who Is Telling The Truth?

Battle of supremacy and desire to clinch to top seat are two main causes rot in the wooden offices. Some leaders have been reduced to sympathy seekers as their job description long buried and forgotten. The focus is on 2022 elections, lies winning them favours in bid to rise even more.

The question of SATUK Bursary, being a scapegoat to underperformance; and a leeway to political miscalculations has been on the trend. In a heated debate on the University Policy of bursary award, calling for a 1:1 ratio, it has been clear that the whole SATUK Executive played a major role in having numerous meetings with Vice-Chancellor on it’s implementation.

Miscommunication has been the source of false accreditation; the Academic Secretary taking full ownership of the success. The Executive however didn’t not stand back but in unison term the Academic Secretary as a political liar and attention seeker, stealing the success of everyone and manipulating the students to believe in his malice.

During the Second Comrades Dialogue dubbed Kamukunji, SATUK President Peter Mani in his address highlighted the achievements of the Executive in unison, and asked various office holders to enlighten the students on the truth.

“Questions have been raised about implementation of the university bursary policy. The Vice Chancellor was even surprised to realize the policy had not been implemented. We all took part in negotiations.” President Peter Mani said.

The sentiments look to be similar to the ones of Gender Secretary, Mercy Kimani who in Class Reps WhatsApp Group hit on Academic Secretary for peddling lies seeking political milage.

The above confusion exposes reluctance of students to choose leaders based on potential, but lies and populism.

Edited by Dexter, Oyoma And Abuya Stanley.

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Nabangi Wanyonyi: Some Of His Achievements So Far.

A hero is the noblest title you can give a man. It signifies an exemplar, a confidant and above all an achiever. Nabangi Wanyonyi, the architectural debutant and the congressman of the School of Architecture and Spatial Planning has overcome many impediments. He has impacted lives socially, economically and physically.

Here are some of his major achievements:

He is the brainchild and organizer of the first ever internal exhibitions that incorporated architects, planners and designers at the Technical of Kenya. Students showcased their architectural exhibitions and the best four exhibitors got rewarded with cash.

Still on matters dealing with education, he forged a working partnership with UoN’s School of Built Environment. This has enabled students to network and served the critical role of benchmarking. Hence, enlarging their realm of interaction with their fellow architectures.

He founded and solidified a working partnership with the Architectural Students’ Associations if UON, KU and JKUAT where they hold annual fun days. During the latest edition, ASA – TUK emerged as the 2nd best team hence getting awarded with certificate and cash acted as a motivating factor. Through this endeavor, he has given them the platform to nurture their talents outside the classroom.

Finally, he conducted a survey and wrote a report on the infrastructural conditions of R, Q, U and B blocks after a plight was aired. These are blocks which shelter SASP comrades. He asserts that the report is being acted upon and hopefully a plan will be hatched soon.

To conclude, Nabangi is like that penny hurled into the abyss which induces ripples when it lands. His quest for transformation is fuelled by his selfless nature to serve everyone equally regardless of their strata in society.

Edited by French Babyy and Chemuu.

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SATUK Awards Winners List.

The SATUK Awards took place on Friday 14th October at Technical University of Kenya.

Here is the list of the SATUK Awards Winners:-

1: Vice Chancellor’s Award – Lennox Onyango (Male) and Betty Jelagat (Female).
2: President’s Award – Otiato K’abeta.
3: Faculty of the year – FABE.
4: School of the year – SEEE.
5: Department of the year – Chemical & Processing.
6: Student leader of the year – Tony Blair Onyango.
7: Most talented – DJ Spinnix.
8: Best upcoming leader – Joash Ochogo.
9: Humanitarian Award – Ruth Moraa.
10: Graphic designer of the year – Selim Dreal.
11: Comedian of the year – Kijana Ya TUK.
12: Poet of the year – Siza The Poet.
13: Music artist of the year – Dogo Skillz.
14: Dance crew of the year – Creative Ministry.
15: Photographer of the year – Leon Juma.
16: Entrepreneural of the year – Sheila Kemutai.
17: PLWDS advocator of the year – Nancy Gatitu.
18: Environmentalist of the year – Esther Mungai.
19: Welfare personality of the year – Lydiah Nduta.
20: Club of the year – TUK Drama.

21: Classrep of the year – Wycliffe Akaka (Male) and Stephanie Atieno (Female).

22: Indoor games, Sports person of the year(Female) – Rebecca Ominde.
23: Most innovative student award – Newton Kibiwott.
24: Female sports person of the year (Outdoor games) – Leah Wairimu.
25: Male sports person of the year (Outdoor games) – Richard Simancho.

26: Outdoor games team of the year – TUK Hammers.
27: Indoor games team of the year – Chess.
28: Blogger of the year – Abuya Stanley.
29: Religious group of the year – TUK CU.

Congratulations to all winners…..

Edited by Chemuu & Abuya Stanley.

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The Mr and Miss Technical University of Kenya Pageant 2022 Is Here.

One of Kenya’s most anticipated and “hyped” university beauty pageant show, The Mr and Miss TUK is finally here.

The scintillating 2022 edition is set to take place on the evening of Friday October 14th at Technical University of Kenya along Haile Selassie Avenue.

Organized by the office of the SATUK Sports Secretary in partnership with the office of the SATUK Gender and President, this year’s event is billed to live up to expectations as more than 15 models will have the ultimate opportunity to hit the runway and seek to take home.

The event will also serve to showcase the various designer wares depicting various occasions including Official Wear, Ankara/African Wear and Cowboy/Elegant Wear. To cap it all, the contestants will have to prove that it’s not just beauty but also brains in a stomach rumbling question and answer session.

As always, there’s a great entertainment lineup from some of Kenya’s best artists including Hip Hop sensation Paul Baraka better known as Breeder LW. The event will have some of the best MCs in Kenya too.

This year, the University hopes to use the event to grow and inspire students to connect with university on a deeper level as a way of bringing out the very best in them.

Therefore, get your outfits ready and prepare for the time of your life!Usiendelee kutusi/kublock fundi wako wa Kitenge!!

Edited by French Babyy and Abuya Stanley.

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Former SATUK Finance Secretary Aspirant, Linet Chebet Is Dead.

The TUK fraternity has been thrown into mourning following the death of former SATUK Finance Secretary Aspirant, Ms Linet Chebet. She passed on today afternoon.

Linet Chebet from SCBSE ( A 5.3 student)

Through the Technical University of Kenya Blasts Forum, the news of the former Finance Sec aspirant’s death was announced.

And here is a message from one of her classmates:-

” Hello guys. So Linet was my classmate and she hasn’t been feeling well recently. She had undergone a minor surgery sometime back, then she came back to Nairobi since we had to present our final year project proposal. So she was staying at her friends place in Umoja, a classmate actually. So today she was supposed to travel home with her dad. The friend alikuwa ampeleke hadi town then watravel. So on their way through Juja Road, she passed on and that’s how we received the news. Sorry to all of us.”

Those who have been participating actively in SATUK elections remember her very well since she was vying for the Finance Secretary docket last year.

Many comrades have described Linet Chebet as a very nice lady. She will be greatly missed.

Hail and fare thee well Ms Linet Chebet. TUK and the comrades will miss you. Till we meet again.

Edited by French Babyy and Abuya Stanley.

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SATUK Awards 2022 Online Nomination Is Live!

Every year, SATUK (Students Association of Technical University of Kenya) awards exemplary students as a way of appreciating their effort in making both the university and the field they are involved in a success.

In last year & this year’s KUSA Awards, nomination has been moved to accommodate all students from wherever they are by making it possible to nominate online! Previous years have seen issue arise as to how the nomination process is carried out.

To nominate;- click the link below, sign up using your student’s email, nominate your favorite in each field then submit your form. Here is the link:


Kindly nominate the man that revolutionized an office Muchoki Kirera as the Student Leader Of The Year.

And lastly, you can nominate NYAKWAR OTARE as the Welfare Personality Of The Year. Welfare ya madem/wamama lazima iishughulikiwe vizuri.

Edited by Dexter & Oyoma.

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Hostels Application For Academic Year 2022/23.

To all continuing undergraduate needy students kindly login to the student portal in order to apply for room allocation for 2022/23 academic year.

Room application commenced on Monday 19th September 2022 at 0000hrs and expected to end on Sunday 25th September 2022 at 2359hrs. Successful applicants shall be notified at least one week to the official check – in period.

Students eligible for room allocation:

Needy students in TERM PROGRAMME.

You can consult SATUK Mayor or Mayoress for more information.

Edited by Edmond Oduori and Dexter Kamau.

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Meet Most Impactful SATUK Finance Secretary of All Time: Mr. Muchoki.

At the mention of the name Muchoki Kirera, a bell instantly rings to many comrades’ heads. To many, he is the flamboyant, radical, eloquent and most impactful SATUK Finance Secretary of all time who has as many haters as he has admirers.

Photo Courtesy: Mr Muchoki Kirera – SATUK Finance Secretary 2021/22.

Under the tutelage of Muchoki Kirera as the Finance Secretary, TUK has seen tremendous improvements. He has been a blessing to many and is revered as the gatekeeper of everything good in TUK.

In his tenure, he has uplifted many young people, impacted many lives and nurtured a lot of talents. First and foremost, he held the five financial literacy events in TUK at the beginning of his term in office. Through this, comrades have been taught about cryptocurrency, savings, investments, career guidance and skill sets. He is passionately called the great fisherman due to his way of teaching people the art of fishing rather than just giving them fish.

Secondly, he became an overnight sensation thanks to his frequency of holding grand events in school that are filled with nothing short of opulence. This year, he held the first-ever Biashara Week. This event ran for a week and was characterized by students selling their merchants. This gave them exposure and was also a form of incentive for them to strive in their side hustles. Through this initiative, he upheld his favourite quote, “Money matters, so do you.” He then held the Dope Campus Tour that featured the talented Bensoul and Nviiri who gave a breathtaking performance. Students who have local bands were also given a platform to showcase their talents and also got to have a one-on-one conversation with the two musicians.

Most popular student leader of the year, Mr. Kisiagi.

He also facilitated the activation of 5 companies in school: K.O.A, Binance, Safaricom, Trace and one other. These companies gave students the chance to make money on a part-time basis and also build connections with influential students like Nyakwar Otare, Kijana Ya TUK, Abuya Stanley, Kavana, Rollins and many others. Hence, contributing to the empowerment of students.

Furthermore, he has actively participated in having amenities like lighting and sockets repaired and operating in great condition. He acted on this matter as it was raised through the Survey he wrote a while back.

Photo Courtesy: Mr Muchoki Mpesa Kirera.

Lastly, he was ranked position 42 among Top 100 Most Influential Students in Kenya 2021/22. A position which he is proud of. He looks forward to being featured in the Forbe’s list in the near future.

Edited by French Babyy, Abuya Stanley and Edmond Oduori.

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