Who Is This Man Victor Mwalu (Sultan)?

Victor Mwalu popularly known as Sultan, is a flamboyant and one of the best young student leaders in Kenya. He has always sparked controversial opinions which have always created numerous debates to his people of Influence.

Victor Mwalu(Sultan) is ranked position 17 among Top 100 Most Influential Students In Kenya 2021/22.

He graduated in 2019 with a Diploma in Law at MKU Parklands Law Campus and currently he is a 3rd-year student at MKU Law Campus pursuing Bachelors of law(LL.B). He is the current Secretary General of Kenya Private Universities Student’s Association (K.P.U.S.A)-a student body in charge of all Private Universities in Kenya.

He has previously served as the Secretary General of Mount Kenya University Student’s Association (MKUSA) where he oversaw a raft of changes that created a more harmonious environment between the students and administration. Mwalu is devoted to matters of governance, justice, youth empowerment and the welfare of the Kenyan youths. His star rose in 2018 whereby he held a series of youth empowerment and governance talks in different counties in Kenya, hence, getting recognition from various leaders. He has also vested himself in entrepreneurship and the entertainment industry in support of young people.

He is the founder of the Victor Mwalu foundation – a humanitarian and charitable organization – that is aimed at matters of humanitarian work, youth and women empowerment and matters governance. He is also a youth leader in Makueni County where he hails from.

Lastly, Mwalu has received several awards and accolades due to his immense contribution to matters youth leadership & governance. Recently, he was featured among the top 100 influential students in Kenya 2021/2022 where he was ranked number 17 by Kenya Varsity Awards.

Edited by Dexter Kamau and French Babyy.

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An Exclusive With Burna Boy; Mr. TUK.

Leon Ochieng Ouma popularly known as Burna Boy, a final year who is pursuing Bachelor of Science in Accountancy and the current Mr. TUK is a happy soul. I had the chance to have a sit with him, despite his busy schedule and got to know him more. Beyond the good looks and the magnificent struts on run ways. So here goes:

Photo: Leon Ochieng Ouma, Mr. TUK.

N.O.R: Besides having had the Mr TUK title, what other titles have you bagged?

Mr. TUK: No other individual title, this was my first achievement.

N.O.R: After school, do you plan on getting a job related to the degree course you are taking or will you focus on modelling?

Mr. TUK: I am looking forward to opening the doors of opportunities. I would not limit myself to a specific path.

N.O.R: Your take on campus politics?

Mr. TUK: Campus politics is just a reflection of what happens outside the walls of the University. Similarly, tribal politics and tribal affiliations form 90% of the University politics. Leaders are supposed to be selected based on merits and not tribe.

N.O.R: Would you date or are you dating a model? Beauty or brains? Light skin or dark skin?

Mr. TUK: I will not mind dating a model (laughs), I’m dating. I prefer beauty with brains and most of all; she must be dark in complexion, slim and petite (laughs).

N.O.R: How supportive is your family towards your modelling career?

Mr. TUK: My family has been super supportive not only in my modelling career but also in other fields i.e acting and music.

N.O.R: Do you consider yourself a success? And what are some of your achievements?

Mr. TUK: Currently, I cannot consider myself a success. However, I’m grateful for this far although I still have a long way to go and also a lot to achieve. I have achieved quite a lot, not at the personal level but the group level.

N.O.R: What are some of the challenges that come with being a model?

Mr. TUK: Challenges were there long before the title. However, after the title, there has been a lot of pressure from the general university population, especially in the part of the culture representation. There has been negative criticism on how I sometimes dress. Depression has also been a major challenge plus selective interaction since people think that now I’m Mr. TUK, I need to be treated in a specific way, which should not be the case.

N.O.R: How true is that for a person to make it as a model in TUK they have to ‘know people’? And a word of advice to aspiring models in TUK?

Mr. TUK: Politics is involved in this field but I do not advocate for it. There is a lot of corruption especially from the organizers who are student leaders who want to siphon money meant for the models. For anyone who would like to pursue this field, do not pay anyone for the crown, just earn it.

N.O.R: Who/What inspire you? Parting shot?

Mr. TUK: What inspires me are the current societal challenges e.g mental health and depression, climate change. And so I commit myself in advocating for this challenges.

Edited by Dexter Kamau and Frenchyy Babyyy.

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New!! Revised SATUK Schedule Of Activities 2021/22.

Technical University of Kenya administration has released revised SATUK schedule of activities 2021/2022.

Consequently, there are some changes that have been made to the initial dates that were released during the beginning of the academic year.

In the new time table, the following changes have been made:

1: Examination period for all semester students runs from 25th July to 5th August, 2022 NOT August 1 to 13 as earlier stated.

2: SATUK Awards and Cultural week runs from 5th to 9th September, 2022 NOT July as earlier specified.

3: And many more…..

Here is the full memo as released by the University Administration.

These changes were made after consultations within the University Administration and The SATUK.

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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Muchoki Kirera Shelves His SATUK Presidential Ambition 2022.

Comrades’ darling/The inventor of biashara week in TUK came out clearly last week saying that he had dropped his ambition for SATUK presidency.

He went on to say that this was a personal decision and didn’t come from any quarter or “pressure” of pseudo accounts. Mr Kirera stated that this decision came a long time of soul searching and he’d make further statements on his future political stand.

This leaves Mr. Fred Oundo(Academic Sec) and Mr. Peter Mani(Incumbent) as the only students who have started showing interest in that seat.

Photo: Mr. Muchoki Kirera – SATUK Finance Secretary 2021/22

With only 2-3 months to the elections, various students have started showing interests to different elective posts in the next SATUK government. We shall keep you posted on any emerging news.

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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TUK Hostels Application Is Ongoing.

Online hostels application for 1st, 2nd and 3rd year students who would wish to be accommodated on campus is ongoing.

In our short conversation with the SATUK Mayor Mr. Meshack Ndanyi, he pointed out that due to the few spaces available, room application does not guarantee room allocation. This is to caution students to have a back up plan in case they apply for a room and fail to secure one.

The application period commenced on June, 13th and expected to end on June 26th. Successful applicants shall be notified at least one week to the official check-in period.

You can click the link below to apply the hostel:-

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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How Biashara Week Festival 2022 Went Down!

The organizing committee members of Biashara Week 2022

The first edition of Biashara Week Festival took place on the 10th June 2022 and it was nothing short of thrilling entertainment. The event which was organized by the SATUK Finance Secretary, Mr. Muchoki Kirera attracted well over 5,000 comrades.

Photo: Mc Kavana and DJ Grauchi.

The event kicked off as soon as the emcees introduced the show. The show was hosted by two top celebrity emcees in TUK i.e Mc Kavana and Mc Sungu who made sure the crowd was super hyped throughout the event.

However, TUK comrades could not cease to show their presence when DJ Grauchi took to Gengetone at the Biashara Week Festival Stage.

Photo: DJ Grauchi.

As DJ Grauchi continued to play various number of songs from Uganda and Kenya, the mood was euphoric when the music took to old Kenyan vibes.

Several dancers were present, more in particular, a group from Vibes 22 that was having a good number of beautiful ladies.

Biashara Week Festival featured performances from several TUK upcoming and talented artists and also Maandy. The event was also attended by some Nairobi celebrities i.e Kerry, Lotan and many more.

Photo: Khaligraph Jones performing live.

The headlining artist Khaligraph Jones hit the stage at around 10pm giving a fire performance of his hit songs “Tuma Kitu”, “Yes Bana”, “Mazishi”, “Maombi Ya Mama” and many more with his fans(TUK comrades) singing to his lyrics word by word.

However, the prices of different products at the Biashara Week Festival was a little bit hiked up contrary to the affordability that comrades expected but the security inside and outside the event was good.

Despite my bestie (Ruth Mynar) lost her phone worth Ksh. 20k, the event was a major success and is regarded as the best event that took place June 2022 in TUK.

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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Biashara Week 2022: Check Out The Artist Line Up; It’s Gonna Be Fire.

TUK Biashara Week Event will come to an end this Friday, 10th June in a spectacular fashion with the most epic party of the year.

Live performance from the hip hop rapper finest Brian Ouko Omollo, popularly known by his stage name Khaligraph Jones or Papa Jones and an undisputed rapper who not only is loaded with rhymes but also had graduated university with a degree, Maandy known as ‘Manzi Wa Nairobi’. DJ Grauchi will also be there to represent the Homeboyz Radio, at the graduation square from 3pm. Kerry, Lotan and Nyakwar Otare WordPress crew will also be there.

Tickets are limited and entrance is by tickets only, for security reasons. You can get tickets in advance through the link below:


You don’t want to miss this comrades. Come and let’s all mingle and interact.

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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Biashara Week First Day a Success.

A big appreciation to the TUK fraternity for turning up in large numbers and actively participating in the TREASURE HUNT AND TRIVIAS by ANGA IMAX at the Student Centre.

Treasure hunt winners!!!@Page!!!
Winners number 2

This only kick-starts a whole set of Infotainment as we sensitize oneself on business matters.

Today, the same script moves to R block, room R31 at exactly 5pm awaiting the Mega on Friday.

Let us keep on the move….

DC vs Marvel Trivia winners!!!courtesy of ANGA IMAX

Edited by Siama Philbert and Dexter Kamau.

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Coming Up! TUK Biashara Week 2022.

Technical University of Kenya will on 6th to 10th of June play host to a number of visionary and accomplished entrepreneurs from Nairobi and other different parts of the country when the Office of the Finance – SATUK will be holding a Biashara Week event at the University’s premises.

This is an event like no other being waited by people from all walks of life.

So what really happens during Biashara Week?

Biashara Week is a platform where students, young entrepreneurs are able to come and showcase their business skills. They are able to trade and learn more about finances i.e how to manage their finances, how to save, how to start a business.

Also, Biashara Week is an opportune moment where students interact with market traders and for the business minded students, they will get inspiring talks from top notch entrepreneurs who started it from scratch.

Biashara Week will have several event features and speakers including top Nairobi businessmen and women. Speakers will discuss among other issues leadership, governance, youth entrepreneurship and innovation etc. Inshort, we have mind blowing public talks that will leave you not only challenged but also fully imparted with soft skills to survive in the current business world.

Come meet and network with some of the country’s C.E.Os, top businessmen/women and SATUK leaders. Don’t die in depression, biashara week is here for you.

Edited by Dexter, Siama, Abuya, Kijana Ya TUK, Papu, Kavana & Dennis Rollins.

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‘Finally Pesa Imeingia!’ TUK Classreps Now Have a Reason to Smile as Their Allowances Stand Disbursed.

After months of waiting for the allowances, Classreps now have a reason to smile as the money is finally paid to their Mpesa accounts.

The allowances was disbursed on May 17 at exactly 1900hrs after many complains from some classreps. Those classreps have been lamenting about lacking money for upkeep as well as airtime for calling lecturers.

Any TUK student who is a classrep should now check his or her Mpesa balance. But before taking to the streets to enjoy the ‘salary’, make sure you have enough basic food items and also make sure you have negotiated well with your landlord.

Nyakwar Otare WordPress takes this opportunity to appreciate the effort of Fred Overworking Oudo Barasa – SATUK Academic Secretary 2021/22.

Edited by Siama Philbert, French Babyy and Dexter Kamau.

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