Most Influential Students In TUK ( Jan – April, 2021).

Technical University of Kenya just like other institutions has been on the crème dela crème of nurturing great men and women. These are some of the students that their names are not new on TUK premises. Some of them are currently serving in Students Association of Technical University of Kenya (SATUK) thus drawing them further in the limelight. The list compiled is based on information gathered between January, 2021 to April, 2021.

1: Millicent Naserian.

Photo: Millicent Naserian, SATUK Deputy Speaker 2020/21.

She is a fourth year, pursuing Bsc in Event Management. She is the only living testimony of the ‘looks can earn you power.’ Apart from her powerful influential nature, still she won out of her good looks.

She is the current Deputy Speaker in the Student Association of Technical University of Kenya and also serves as the Congresslady of SHHE. Her good communication strategy on social media platforms makes her outstanding.

Confirmed reports indicate that she’s representing Daughters of Maa in Kenya, where she represent Kajiado, Turkana, Samburu, Laikipia, Narok and Baringo.

2: Abbie Muthoni.

Photo: Abbie Muthoni, Congresslady School of Mathematics and Actuarial Science.

Nothing more could be said about Abbie Muthoni that has not already been said. Currently a third year in the school of Mathematics and Actuarial Science.

She is currently the Female Representative Of School Of Mathematics and Actuarial Science (SMAS). She has featured in one of the Nyakwar Otare WordPress articles as the 3rd best student leader of the month.

Describing herself as a humble person, Abbie says, “I am also a very ardent supporter of feminism and equality hence am a proud feminist.” She believes in equality and power of a woman. Teasingly, she should consider vying for an executive post in the next SATUK elections. We need such beautiful icons in power, beauty and knowledge are twins.

3: Fredrick Barasa.

Photo: Fredrick Barasa, Schoolrep School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

He is a third year, pursuing Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. He is the current School Representative of School of Electrical & Electronics Engineering.

Despite his silent leadership style, he has made it to be the most cherished by many students. Students say he is not as radical as most union leaders but acts when required. He has the 2nd highest follower base within the institution’s social media space after SATUK Academic Sec, Tryphone Oloo.

4: Lucy Wanjiku Irungu.

Photo: Lucy Wanjiku, Congresslady School of Chemistry & Material Science.

Currently she’s in year three, pursuing degree course in Industrial and Applied Chemistry. A soft spoken lady who has this insatiable desire to work and serve comrades. She is credited for serving the students she mingles with each single day selflessly.

She is currently the Female Representative of School of Chemistry and Material Science. Much would be talked as her achievements as a Congresslady.

Here at Nyakwar Otare WordPress, we would like to encourage all students to emulate her strong command of power. She has raised the bar too high within the three years in the University.

5: Abuya Stanley.

Photo: Abuya Stanley popularly known as face of delegates.

Famously known as padfoot. Currently, he’s in year two, pursuing International Relations and Diplomacy. He has risen to fame and created his own brand due to his aggressiveness in the field of blogging, after being nurtered by his senior Nyakwar Otare.

He is a great mobilizer and a crowd mover. Trust me you, if you want to have an all – round interactive and well attended activity in TUK, Abuya is your first and best option. He might be a crucial figure in SATUK politics. Going by his current status thus, he may be the youngest and most elaborate male influencer in TUK today.

6: Reagan Mutimba.

Photo: Reagan Mutimba, SATUK Speaker 2020/2021.

He’s the current SATUK Speaker and also School Representative of the School of Health and Biomedical Sciences. Talk of the real qualities of a leader, the guy had them all. With less controversies he carried the crowd as the best speaker that has ever existed in TUK.

His words, though not pushed through the throats of students are always taken with seriousness with which they deserve. As a student leader, he has been able to tap bursaries from the constituency development funds allocation for Mumias West Constituency and have them awarded to students.

7: Were Were.

Photo: Fred Were Ng’ani famously known as Were Were.

Popularly known with his slogan, “Hakuna mkate ngumu mbele ya chai.” Fred Were Ng’ani is a third year student in the school Of Architecture & Spatial Planning.

His selection as one of the most influential students in TUK is attributed to the prompt enactment to accomplishments of some of the issues that he has been raising in the recent past in TUK in a bid to better the institution.

On his political aspirations in & out of TUK, he responded, “In TUK, I will present my candidature to my fellow students and ask them to entrust me with the position of the SATUK Chair in the next elections while outside TUK,I will tell you people when that time is ripe.”

8: Faithfulness Joshua.

Photo: Faithfulness Joshua, Ajira Club Vice Chairperson.

Faithfulness Joshua, a 2nd year taking Computer Technology has one rare characteristic of doing things knowing the risk rather than expecting a reward. He successfully played a crucial role in hosting Ajira Kenya for a week at school for tech training. That training attracted as many students as possible.

Through his social media platforms he has been able to preach hope as well as engage people on matters governance, jurisprudence and the economy. He has amassed huge influence especially among ladies.

9: Lamerck Kaka.

Photo: Lamerck Kaka.

He is a 3rd year in the school of Health and Biomedical Science. A TUK drama club member since his campus day one, Kaka has grown socially through his dancing & acting. He is a must watch dancer within the streets of TUK. He drew attention to almost everyone last year where he claims to have been the face of delegates.

10: Zachary Owenga.

Photo: Zachary Owenga.

He’s a second year engineering student Of the school of Resource & Infrastructure Engineering. He was identified by our team as one of the most hardworking class reps that work day & night to facilitate easier learning experience for comrades in his class. He also had a vision of helping male comrades that were being ignored by their female counterparts thus he came up with the Zack Hook Ups.

Other notable students within the university who deserve a special shout include:-

11: Typhone Oloo – SATUK Academic Sec.
12: Cliff Oketch – SATUK President.
13: Clinton Mariera – SATUK Sec Gen.
14: Kisiagi – Social Media Influencer.
15: Josephat Kioko – Blogger.
16: Sir Musa Lee – Taekwondo Captain.
17: Bradha Dezz(Desmond) – Classrep.
18: Wahinya – 2nd year, SBMS.
19: Kijana Ya TUK – Memelord.
20: Ambassador Declinch – SISS.
21: Onyango Lenox – SCRE.


Given that this list is the first of its kind in TUK, @ Nyakwar Otare WordPress recognizes that it might not be 100% accurate because of diversity of the students. Nevertheless, the list is unbiased because the views expressed herein are not those of @Nyakwar Otare WordPress but those of TUK Students.

Edited by Siama Philbert, Edmond Oduori and David Kamau ( Dexter).

The Rib Cracking Story Of SATUK Academic Sec 2020/21 – Mr. Oloo 130.

Photo: Tryphone Oloo, SATUK Academic Sec 2020/21.

Hilarious moments are always hard to caption. Same to intuitive events but in today’s piece, you will only be left either inspired or with cracked ribs.

Tryphone Oloo, SATUK Academic Sec has his life opened to the public for scrutiny. One of his former classmates and friend had this to say about him. Tryphone Oloo was born as a bouncing baby boy with a smiling future between March 1995 to March 1999. No one in his family seems to be so sure of his date of birth.

He attended Ligodho primary school before partly proceeding to Koga primary school in Homabay where he was expelled for demanding to marry her sexy deskmate Faith Atieno. He was later transferred to Maranyona primary school where he was directly taken to class five skipping class four. The teachers believed that he was too bright for his peers.

At Maranyona primary he is fondly remembered as the first pupil to carry a solid one thousand note to school which he used to buy all the pupils ugali , fry mandazi which was retailing at 50 cents each back then. The maandazi seller made more money that day than she always makes in a week. This made Oloo an instant celebrity and was a darling to all beautiful ladies who had recently arrived from Nairobi.

His close friends remember with nostalgia how he was flogged before the whole assembly for running his dads canter lorry into a wall when in class six and firing at hen using his dad’s gun which luckily missed death by a whisker.This only increased the mystery and perceived heroism of Tryphone Oloo.

He later proceeded to Homabay town after a protest from the headteacher. At this age he was already a close friend to our current SATUK President, Cliff Oketch. At Homabay town, he took a long one year break from the 8;4;4 system but actively continued with the education on life skills. He would later convince all kids in the neighborhood to contribute 5 bob each daily in a club where he was the chairman, the treasurer and the vice chairman making him feared by both the big boys and the small beautiful girls. When playing kalongolongos, he was always the father.

Later he joined Maranyona primary school again where he picked his studies from class six and became top of his class up to KCPE. In class seven he staged a successful slow down over harassment by the maths teacher. He was later summoned to the headteachers office together with his accomplices where the book of proverbs was read to them and prayers held. He survived primary and got saved. He would then easily proceed to be the top of his class earning a place at the prestigious Homabay Boys High School. He was always top of his class earning him a leadership position as a class secretary, laboratory prefect and asst. academics sec.

He was feared by both the headboy and the cooks who always gave him more food than others. He ensured a quiet discontent among the fellow students. He always condemned brutal punishment by the prefects on students and was removed from the post when he recommended to the class teacher that members of his class were busy with studies and could not clean their classrooms.

Few months to KCSE, he surprised many by performing a rap song with his classmate and later emerging top of his group and district in the mock results released. He finally scored an A- in his final exams earning him a place at Technical University of Kenya to undertake a degree in Mechanical engineering.

As a TUK bonafide student, he has served as a class rep, mayor and currently serving as academic sec. According to reports, Oloo will be vying for the top most seat in the next SATUK elections. He will be the only presidential contender feared by the administration but loved by staff and students. Oloo comrades’ darling.

To all TUK semester students, success in your end semester exams.

Edited by Philbert Siama and David Kamau(Dexter).

TUK Class Reps Can Now Smile.

Technical University Of Kenya Class Representatives can now smile. According to the report reaching our desk right now, all TUK class representatives are expected to receive their simsim allowances today latest 6pm unless stated otherwise.

Mode of payment: M-PESA.

More to follow…

Best Student Leaders Of The Month In TUK, March 2021.

Each Month Nyakwar Otare WordPress lists the Best Student Leaders Of The Month in TUK for their positive contributions to students’ life & for demonstrating outstanding leadership skills.

Best student leaders of the month in TUK are nominated after thorough study done by Nyakwar Otare taking into consideration of their commitment to serve students, positive remarks made by students about them, evidence of the achievements they have made, sacrifices they have made for the benefits of the students and action that the student leader has taken to enhance the students’ welfare. Here is the list of the top 5 student leaders of the month in TUK, March 2021;-

1: Tryphone Oloo Obuya.

Photo: Tryphone Oloo, SATUK Academic Secretary 2020/21.

He is the SATUK Academic Secretary and also Chairman for Youth Engineers IEK. He’s the only SATUK official who won with a landslide of 130 to 9 against his opponent in the last SATUK elections. He has been featured in several publications for his outstanding leadership. He is ranked as the best student leader of the month in TUK because of the following:-
– Students with portal problems have been helped through his office.
-He led a team of 10 student leaders in the process of SATUK bursary allocation. The most fair process and non discriminative ever seen.
– He has managed to lobby the registration of our engineering students with professional bodies.
– He was able to personally facilitate many first years attained a full(100%) admission.
– He lobbied for the payment of classreps.

2: Cliff Oketch Onyango.

Photo: Cliff Oketch Onyango, SATUK President 2020/21.

He is the SATUK President. He is rated as one of the most outstanding student leaders that TUK student body has ever had. He values the beliefs of TUK students. Cliff Oketch has been able to achieve the following:-
– Has negotiated for students to sit for exams irrespective of the fee balances.
– He pushed for timely disbursement of HELB early this year whereby only TUK students received HELB across all universities.
– He gave out food to students were in Nairobi during the Covid 19 period when the country was under lockdown.

3: Paul Macharia.

Photo: Paul Macharia popularly known as Mash, Schoolrep SHHE 2020/21.

Paul Macharia popularly known as Mash is the Schoolrep of School of Hospitality and Human Ecology. Paul Macharia has got into the list of the top 5 student leaders of the month in TUK for his record of:-
– He championed for cheaper prices of uniforms for the hospitality students. The prices are now more comrade friendly.
– We have quality and cheaper food at poolside restaurant courtesy of him and his co-rep.
– He started the TU-K wildlife club which has been doing various community projects including cleaning of some areas around Nairobi.
– He has connected students from his school with Sustainable Tourism and Travel Agency( STTA young change makers).

4: Jackson Odongo.

Photo: Jackson Odongo popularly known as Kiongozi 001, Schoolrep SCIT 2020/21.

Jackson Odongo popularly known as Kiongozi 001 is the Schoolrep of School of Computing and Information Technology (SCIT) and also faculty representative of FAST. He has made outstanding contributions to the life of SCIT comrades. Some of his achievements are:-

– Championing for sockets and installation of ethernet ports in D block which is an ongoing project.
– Being that his school doesn’t post the result transcripts due to some valid reasons that we are not going to share, he has helped the comrades to get their transcripts at personal level when needed.

-Through his little connection, he has managed to secure some scholarship chances for professional courses to some students in his school.
– Rejuvenation of Ajira Club and The New Cyber security Club.

5: Lynn Chepcheng.

Photo: Lynn Chepcheng, Finance Secretary both SATUK and KUFSLA.

She is the Finance Secretary of both SATUK and KUFSLA. Lynn Chepcheng is the only lady who has got into the list of the student leaders of the month in TUK for her records of:-
– She has pushed for partnership between TUK and financial institutions i.e Britam and Centonomy.
– She has pushed for support of particularly needy students through the office of the dean of students, and a number have recieved assistance through this channel.
– She has been pushing for payment of School Representatives as well as SATUK officials post the covid-19 break .

Edited by Edmond Oduori, SBMS.

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Most Outstanding Students Of The Month In TUK, March 2021.

What follows is a list of the top 5 most outstanding students of the month in TUK, March 2021. This list is aimed at recognizing campus students with outstanding extra-curricular achievements.

The Outstanding Student of the month listing by Nyakwar Otare is designed to recognize students who have had a direct positive impact on student’s life or with outstanding extra-curricular achievements.

At Nyakwar Otare WordPress, we do believe that Education is the interplay of intelligence and character. It is not all about homework and grades, classroom and lectures. In the modern era, students need to find a balance between classwork and extra-curricular activities in order to survive the demands of the rapidly changing world.

1: Neomy Wambui Wanyiri

Photo: Neomy Wambui popularly known as Wambo.

Neomy Wambui popularly known as Wambo is a second year student in the School of Business and Management Studies. She’s currently the face of TUK Class Reps. She’s the first student in TUK to organise TUK Class Reps Charity Event. She is behind “The Greening Kenya Campaign” which aims at restoring the old Green Kenya.

2: Caroline Warukia Muhoro

Photo: Caroline Warukia Muhoro.

Caroline Warukia is a fourth year student in the School of Business and Management Studies. She’s a member of TUK Karate team. Early this month, she represented TUK in the 10th Edition of KUSA National Women’s Sports Day i.e Individual and Kata Team. As an individual, she won a silver medal and as a team, they won a silver medal too.

3: Morris Gambo Munga

Photo: Morris Gambo popularly known as Flippo.

Morris Gambo popularly known as Flippo is a third year student in the School of Surveying and Spatial Sciences. He’s an artist and C.E.O of LEONE MEDIA. In the last SATUK Awards, he won Music Artist Award Of The Year from his amazing track Mkali Wao. He’s also running a Flippo Foundation. This Foundation is a giving back to the society initiative.

4: Kijana Ya TUK

Photo: Rich Macharia popularly known as Kijana Ya TUK.

Rich Macharia popularly known as Kijana Ya TUK is a second year student in the School of Hospitality & Human Ecology. He’s a comedian and memelord. He started making memes in 2017 and right now he’s one of the most famous memelords in Kenya. He has been entertaining comrades through memes.

5: Brenda Wanjiku Murimi

Photo: Brendah Wanjiku Murimi.

Brenda Wanjiku is a second year student in the School of Information and Social Studies. She joined her dad in his business, DABRE enterprises located in Kitengela. They deal with fridge and other electronics repairs, second hand appliances and spare parts. She normally go there over the weekends to help him out. Transversing the dusty roads of the Maasai land while carrying gas cylinders and tool box to where a job calls is not easy, but since nothing good comes in a snap, this girl has to what a girl has to do.

Do not miss our next update on the Best Student Leaders Of The Month In TUK, March 2021.

The Girl That Made Me Swear To Never Hit On Any Girl.

Photo: Naomy Wambui (Wambo crush wa Nyakwar).

Growing up back in the days was mixed with so much fun and sad incidents at the same time. I remember I was a fun of soap opera movies before I switched to watching cartoons, lol …I’ll tell you why. Soap opera movies made me feel like I could get any girl I wanted just by being romantic and telling them all the sweet words you know.

Back in Primary School, while in class 7 there was this certain girl called Yvonne that I used to crush on. She had a fair complexion with a height equal to mine I guess. Her eyes made me weak every time I saw them. I used to be this shy boy and I rarely spoke to girls while in class unless they started the chat. I was afraid of opening up my feelings to her since there were only two options, it’s either she could have accepted my proposal or rejected me. Truth be told most people fear rejection and I’m one of them.

I had this close friend of mine in class called Dick whom I had told about the crush I had on Yvonne. Dick was a funny guy, he liked socializing with girls and I wished to be like him most of the time. I noticed that Dick and Yvonne related so well but just as friends so I tried to use Dick to get to Yvonne. Sometimes I could send Dick to ask Yvonne certain questions. I once sent him to ask her who she liked the most in our class and apparently I was among the people she liked. As an adolescent, I was more overjoyed than anyone. I couldn’t sleep that night,, mahn you know the feeling.

Yvonne and I related so well in class but I never opened up my feelings for her. One Friday evening I decided that enough is enough and gathered all my courage and wrote a love letter. I tried as much to write all those sweet charming words that I saw in soap opera movies. It was short and straight to the point. As we were going home I called her and handed over the letter and immediately took off with a sprint since I didn’t want any immediate feedback. I now felt at ease since I had already revealed what was locked in my heart.

The whole weekend I was imagining of how we could stare at each other as she tells me that she loves me too and kiss lightly. I had even crammed some of the sweet words to tell her. The weekend was over and I went to school hoping for the best and at the same time expecting the best.

Reaching class, I saw this cheeky boy of our class called James holding a tiny paper and reading something to the class as they laughed. Since it was a good day for me I sat down to listen to the funny story. “I wish I could leave school and run away with you”, James read as the whole class laughed. Goodness gracious, those were the exact words I wrote in my letter.

My hope was completely lost and my body was weak. This was when I knew that it was my letter being read to the class. Lucky enough I never wrote my name but I was already down and had no moods. The moment was interrupted by our Maths teacher when he brought back our Maths papers. Results were being read loud and I had 30%. I tried to imagine what she was thinking at the moment.”Not only is this boy immature but also stupid”. Don’t get me wrong I’m not stupid, it’s just that the exam was hard at that time.

I took a whole two weeks without talking to her until she once said hi to me. I vowed never to initiate any girl into a love thing until my primary study completion. To cut the long story short we generally talk and sometimes I remind her of the letter and she just laughs. I wonder what she is laughing at…

Authored by Nyakwar Otare WordPress Correspondent.

Edited by Nyakwar Otare Reborn & Siama Philbert.

Top 5 Revolutionary Recruitment Platforms In Kenya.

Recruiting the best talent can be very challenging especially in today’s highly competitive corporate and job markets. The need for top notch talent and skills by recruiting corporates push them to rely on recruitment platforms and to outsource this critical organizational and managerial function.

Some of the best recruitment agencies including Emploi, Manpower Services, Clovers Consultants etc have sprung up since the need for such became and grew apparent in corporate Kenya:

1: Man Power Services Group.

Manpower Services Group operates and hires for firms in the creative, corporate brand marketing, customer care and finance sectors and industries. It is known to place jobseekers’ needs as its priority, engaging new and expanding talent hence both client and job seekers satisfaction.

Telephone: (+254) 020-2710550 / 020-2718667 / 020-2712265.

2: Emploi

Emploi has been known to recruit skilled, talented and innovative professionals for Kenyan companies since its inception 5 years ago. It focuses on its client and talents pool, relying on technology to do and streamline careful skills matching, talent assessment, acquisition and management to ensure the needs of both parties are ideally met. Emploi also offers professional and spotlight packages like interview and executive coaching, CV and Resume Writing, Career Advisory and Management, self-assessment for jobseekers among other HR consultancy and recruitment services available on their website and hiring platform, This has granted Emploi a wealth of expertize, recognition and awards in the field of corporate recruitment, HR consultancy and manpower solutions for thousands of Kenyan companies.

Address: Even Business Park, Airport North Rd, Nairobi.

E-mail :
+254 702 068 282

3: Corporate Staffing Services.

Recruitment by Corporate Staffing Services is done for corporates in the finance and accounting areas mainly. With offices all over Kenya, recruitment is done by working closely with their client base to ensure all their client needs are met to the fullest.
They offer services like, professional CV and Cover Letter Writing, Interview coaching, Career Advice, Psychometric tests as well as labor law advice.The recruitment agency has won multiple awards for its role in offering staffing and HR solutions for many Kenyan firms and hiring corporates.

Corporate Staffing Services (C.S.S.) contacts Physical Address: 4th Floor, Mayfair Suites, Westlands, Nairobi.

Mobile: 0798 56 86 38, 0798 56 86 43, 0718-610 023, 0722 735 216.

4: Clovers Consultants Ltd.

Founded in the late 70s, Clovers Management and Training Consultants Ltd is one of the first recruitment services in Kenya. Unlike other recruitment platforms like Emploi and Manpower services group that serves diverse industry sectors, Clovers Management and Training Consultants provide quality career consulting, career opportunity and recruitment training to talents in the administrative, education and hospitality sectors.

Physical Address: IPS Building, 3rd Floor, Wing B, Kimathi Street.

Telephone: (020) 222 5525 , (020) 222 18797,

5: Summit Recruitment and Training.

Known for its overseas jobs consultancy especially for destination countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia etc, Summit Recruitment and Training is a fast growing staffing agency in Kenya. Summit’s placement and recruitment succession rate is known to be high with their job board, latest opportunity offers and suitability matching for various skills and talents for job seekers and hiring companies.
For a business to succeed, one needs the right people to take company to the next level. However, in today’s job market, finding the right talent for the job can be a lot more challenging than it used to be.
With the help of these renowned staffing and recruitment platforms, you can ensure that your recruitment needs will be met and that you emploi the best candidate for the job. Plus, it will give your HR department the necessary flexibility that is required to create a more dynamic work environment.

Nairobi: Blixen Court, Karen Road, Karen.

Telephone: + 254 (0) 713 461 279 or +254 (0) 738 555 933.


The Story Of a TUK Student Who Survives With Only One Meal a Day Due To Lack Of Financial Support.

A rare picture of comrades’ delicious food

Food has always been featured preliminarily in the hierarchy of needs. In this new campus life, feeding is mandated to be a major event of the daily routine. Hunger on the same point, has proved to be a common stimulus that keeps man on his toes. For the holy document states that unless man works, he has no right to food.

I would, if inspired, add to the whole pieces of spiritual writings that hunger is a prevailing disease that needs daily dosage. An individual going for two days without a bite of food is like signing an emergency ticket to the ICU. So I believe that hunger is a mutual must-have disease. I don’t know if you agree with my stand on this, do you? May be. May be not. But just bear with me….

Having something to eat may not be an easy task among some university students. The students have had to survive with meagre Higher Education Loans Board (HELB) loans during their time in school. Having three meals a day among some students is a luxury.

The students said the only time they can have three meals a day is when they receive funds from Helb.They have to survive with the money from their parents or from the small casual work for the rest of the term/semester.

Odero George a second year student in the School of Surveying & Geospatial Sciences says he lost all his parents and was raised by grandparents who are financially unstable. And this compelled him to join one of the Jua Kali industries to get some financial support.

” At first I used to paint cars, but due to minimal time, I decided to start smokie business in my place but has not catch up due to low population. Sometimes, I go hungry for days because I have to save for rent, ” he said.

Speaking to Nyakwar Otare WordPress, Odero added that he cannot even afford fare from Kariobangi South to Technical University of Kenya.

” I can’t manage Kshs.200 per day for my transport, instead I use bicycle as a means, ” he said.

Despite the fact that Odero receives some little cash from his smokie business, he has challenges like buying food for his lunch and super which he claims costs him Ksh.100 per day.

Asked whether he had received HELB loan, he said he had received it twice when he was in the first year and since then he hasn’t received any money from HELB.

“ It is an elusive moment when a friend pays you a visit and you have nothing to offer them in terms of food and refreshments, ” lamented Odero.

Last but not least, Odero requested TUK President, Cliff Oketch to offer him a place within student centre so that he can continue with his business of smokie to get some financial support.

Although some students survive with little food they get, there are some who come from well-endowed families and can afford to buy any type of meal they want. Those students have money to spend and can change diet whenever they wish or when they have visitors. “When I am with my girlfriend I can spend as much as 1,000 shillings per meal. I should provide her a decent meal because she deserves it,” Hefron Njenga, a third year student, said.

Njenga said he spends not less than 300 shillings per meal. “There is no single day I have used less than 300 shillings per meal not unless it is breakfast wh be veryich sometimes cost me 250 shillings,” he said. He added that he has never used the university main canteen because he thinks that it provides substandard food.

Instead he prefers having meals in the hotels outside the university. He also enjoys cooking in his expensive room in Ruiru…

You can support Odero George with the little thing you have. Thanks in advance.

All Roads Lead To TUKELSA FESTIVAL In Ngong’ Hills.

TUKELSA means Technical University Of Kenya Luo Students Association.

The weekend is here again, steaming with a beehive of activities, functions and events all over the county. All these to rid off your face the socio-eco-academic frustrations. Don’t stay indoors, get yourself a life out of class & interact with your friends.

There will be two mega activities going down. You miss it miss out!! If you think that you have had the best weekend. Well…think again because we have the best of it all this weekend. Ladies don’t wait for valentines to feel good about yourself and men this is the time to show love to that lady you’ve been eyeing. TUKELSA FESTIVAL which will be happening on 13th March 2021 is definitely the ultimate place to be…

The TUKELSA FESTIVAL is a one day cultural event that seeks to celebrate the Luo Culture and Lifestyle. A culture of Class, Trendsetters, Pacesetters and the Learned. Come enjoy great Luo delicacies & drinks. There will be games like football, balloon games e.t.c. A performance line up of epic proportion is in store for everybody. There will be live performance by one of hottest, finest TUKELSA ohangla musician (Opaso Janam). So right now the only thing separating you from the festival is a meagre sh. 500.

On the other hand, TUK Classreps will be having a charity event at SMILE COMMUNITY CENTRE CHILDREN’S HOME organised by Naomy Wambo (Crush Wa Nyakwar). This event will be on 13th March too. Your donation saves.

Go have fun and remember we still need you.

The Life Of Young Campus Mothers.

You haven’t tasted campus yet until you get a pregnancy scare. It is different for every lady. Until relieved of your fears, it is a hub of confusion, mixed reactions and lot of thoughts. Just the thought of having your worst fears confirmed is distress. What is your story? What did you do when those two lines showed on the testing kit?

Photo: Diana Wangechi, a student at TUK with her beautiful daughter.

Exactly how would you gauge your judgement at that moment? I didn’t know what one goes through post the double line. I sought answers from my two friends Diana Wangechi, a event management student at TUK and Charlotte, a law student at JKUAT Karen campus who have gone through the same. Be sure to give your feedback and I hope someone gets inspired.

What was your reaction when you discovered your pregnancy?

Diana: I had alot of mixed reactions.I was both confused but still happy. Though I was worried of what’s going to happen next.

Charlotte: First, I was in denial. I couldn’t believe I was pregnant at 19, I went into denial for a whole month till the pregnancy signs became obvious.

Which public reactions came with the baby bump?

Diana: I kinda have a baby face. So people used to look at me with that look that says how comes this child is pregnant. There was even a doctor who asked me if I even have an ID.

Charlotte: Let me say Judgy. Most of my friends and family would judge me on the notion that I have studied till campus then mess up my life by getting pregnant..of which I don’t think was the case in any way. Being young and a mother has opened up my mind to more diverse ideas.

What are some of your best and worst pregnancy experiences?

Diana: My best experience was whenever my baby kicked. Those moments were priceless. Some of my worst experiences are the morning sicknesses. I once fainted in a cooking class in school and the trips to school were hectic too. And again you know our school (laughs..) sometimes you even lack chairs in class so you have to look for seats from other blocks…now imagine carrying those seats with a baby bump.

Charlotte: Best experience? I developed a personal touch with myself which I never knew existed and also realized that I could write poetry as I did soo many pieces to my unborn child. My worst experience was losing my career as a runway model. I added too much weight i could no longer recognize myself in my own skin.

Do you prefer Caesarian or Natural delivery?

Diana: I prefer natural delivery. You heal in a matter of time.

Charlotte: Natural delivery. I fear operations and again the CS scars take long to heal and they are too painful.

Some of your best and worst baby experiences?

Diana: There’s alot of good moments… Watching my child grow step by step is quite amazing. She even calls me mum now and it’s nice. My worst baby experience is when my daughter falls sick, I just hate seeing her in pain.

Charlotte: The best experience is having a carbon copy of my self. He is my inspiration to do more to better myself for him. I would say he motivates me and his smile is priceless.Worst experience; the first three months of collic were the worst, he would cry all night. He tears my books, he has a thing for my assignment(..laughs).

What challenges have you experienced as a young mother?

Diana: Challenges are always there. I have to balance myself in all ways. Sometimes I don’t even come to school especially if I don’t have anyone to look after my baby. You know you cannot leave your child just anywhere.

Charlotte: Weeuh schooling, working and parenting has been a head ache. Sometimes I get stranded on what to do like when the baby develops a fever..

To whom do you show appreciation?

Diana: I appreciate God first for giving me strength through the whole journey. I also want to appreciate my child’s father. Men like him are few and I appreciate that. My family, friends and my classmates too.They have supported me a lot.

Charlotte: My mum and my elder sister, they have been my pillars since day one.

Any positive words to young mothers in Kenyan campuses?

Diana: Being a mother is not a bad thing. It is a gift and no matter the circumstances they should embrace it and focus on the positive part of it and not the negatives. Being a mum also does not mean that one should drop out of school. One should continue with their studies and make a better life for themselves. It is not the end, it’s just the beginning of a brand new chapter.

Charlotte: Yes, young parenting is hard but with self confidence and passion you can get through it. If you get pregnant keep that baby and raise a generation you will be proud of..say NO to abortion! And be the change you want to see in the world.